22 April 2015

S is for Serendipity

This is what happens to me whenever I give up on things I consider too much squeeze for what little juice I get.

It's only while in the pursuit of the things I desire that I become disheartened when I am defeated. And yet, when I stop the pursuit, all kinds of things find me. Great things!

I told someone just last week that I always seem to get the things I want, and I believe this is because if I don't get something, I stop wanting it. How convenient you say? For me, yes.

Ultimately it is the power of positive thinking which brings the positive things into your life.

My food for thought today? Stop chasing. Instead, take in the view. Enjoy life and all the treasures it can bring to you. Don't expect anything, and everything positive will be a surprise for which your happy ass never had to expend one drop of energy, negative or otherwise.

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