07 October 2010

Latest Compulsion to Purchase - 3D TV

So I almost broke down and purchased myself a 3D television ensemble a few weekends ago. I will be the first to admit that the geek in me almost always makes the worst decisions while out shopping. I get blind-sided by some serious techno bling. There, I said it...techno bling. Yes, I too sometimes get drawn into that whole nonsense. But my very sensible husband always manages to step me aside and give me the sideline punting strategy lecture....just wait it out.


I know he's right. But it doesn't make it any easier to bypass that display in Best Buy and just let it go. I want to see it in my living room, NOW! I want to invite friends over and give them a pair of $150.00 glasses (each) and sit down and watch Avatar together. I know what some of my friends would say right now if they were reading this.

So what? How come it's not okay anymore to revel in the grandioseness of techno bling? Everybody feels it. Everybody wants to be in a position to buy something they want even though it may not be the smartest thing to purchase at the time. It's just the newest candy in the aisle, the newest trash magazine, only it has a price tag in upwards of $3K.

The thing is, I know the cost is going to go down because technology depreciates faster than a brand new trailer in an ancient trailer park. So I have to ask myself maybe after Christmas is over? Maybe after more competitors get into the 3D television market? Wait, how about when there are more channels that broadcast in 3D other than ESPN (I don't even watch sports)? Even better than that...how about when there are more 3D movies being released other than the two that are in circulation right now?

Technology is dangled before my eyes and I have to be smart about it. I would rather be rich and dumb, honestly! Look, when the geeks start getting sensible about the cost effectiveness of the products we wish to purchase, it's time to lower the price threshold when you're on the bleeding edge. You know what I'm saying? It's the geeks wanting these products, not the "rich" folk. They're too busy taking cruises and gallivanting around the world to sit down and watch 3D television.

So, Sony and Panasonic, please cut a sister geek a break!

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