14 December 2015

Tech Tip: Stop Following That Nuisance!

Remember that funny article you read eons ago and then decided, "Hey, why not follow that fun blog so I can get more articles from this blogger to show up in my Blogger feed when they post new content?"

Yeah, me too.

Suddenly, the blog disappears and a new blog shows up in your reader stream and you aren't familiar with the name, but ALL THESE DAMNED POSTS BY NEW BLOGGER ARE SHOWING UP IN YOUR FEED!!!!!!!

Am I upset? Yes I am.

Why? Because I can't find the answer (anywhere) on how the fuck I am supposed to stop following this annoying pest who keeps changing the name of their blog and importing in gazillions of posts at a time which now populate my feed, making it look like they were all posted within the last few minutes and drowning out all the other articles I wish to read instead. When I do find instructions written by some Google expert, they error out because of the many phases of integration and upgrades throughout the years and the evolution of growing widgets that compromise each other.

I don't want my blogger feed spammed with 50 articles asking for me to review movies. Get that shit the fuck off my blogger feed! But how the hell do you do it?

Remember the Google Follower widget from years ago called Google Friend Connect? Do you have one of these on your site?

If you do, you're in luck. Click the Options drop down and select Site Settings.

When your profile opens, click on Sites You've Joined. I'm going to make a suggestion to Google that they change this to Undo Stupid Choices I've Made.

In the graphic below, I've photoshopped out all the blogs I follow so that anyone who gets pissed off at me for showing folks how to unfollow them will not commence to harassing my favorite bloggers out here. Just saying, I look out for my people.

You're welcome.

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