29 October 2009

Memorial for my grandmother

I'm back at work this week.  Though I hate flying, I had decided that I must fly up North with my husband to attend my grandmother's memorial this past weekend.  I had not seen her in several years, basically because she was in a home due to having had Alzheimer's for the past 12 or so years.  That coupled with my fear of flying kept me from visiting anyone north of North Carolina (where my sister lives).

I was really happy that I decided to go though because it had also been a long time since I'd seen my other relatives, namely my Aunt Sachi and cousins Debbie and John.  I had a wonderful two days to spend with family and only a total of about 2.5 hours of flying hell.  The other 2 hours of flying, I was actually mentally flying as well due to popping a pain pill.

Well, now that I'm back at work, I have another assignment with the ole blogging discoveries we're making at work.  How do we use images in our blogs?  I'll try to use one that pertains to my visit to Philadelphia for my grandmother's memorial. In memory of my grandmother, I took this picture on a macro setting and digitally enhanced it using the Picasa 3 editing software.  Hope you like!

02 September 2009

Changes on top of changes?

It's so frustrating trying to troubleshoot problems and to provide solutions when we do not control changes, especially changes on top of changes.  What typically happens when you allow changes on top of changes is that you do not give ample opportunity for discoveries that may need to be addressed.  If more changes happen, then it adds a level of complexity to the troubleshooting process.  Did the new change create the problem or did it simply provide a means of allowing the previous "flaws" to surface?

I think we all deal with change just fine, but I really hate being in reactive mode anymore.  I prefer requirements, design review, code, test, beta rollout, feedback, fix package, test, document, train and implement.  Is this realistic or impractical?

25 August 2009

Why blogging?

I'm learning about blogging as well as other social networking platforms that facilitate communication/collaboration efforts that are beneficial to streamlining projects and meeting goals. It's not a cumbersome challenge for me at all, being that I love to write and I love to communicate my thoughts to others. I even respond well to constructive criticism which I've started replacing with words like positive feedback!

So, how does blogging facilitate the communications process? Well, thus far I'm still experimenting and will hopefully discover if this platform is something that will be useful for my intended purpose.

We shall see!

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