When it happens, I will relinquish my soul and free myself to the wonderous feelings of falling, once again, into the abyss of non-existence. There I will await such time where it would be necessary for me to re-enter the realm of the physical world...the world where I must re-learn all that which enlightened me in my previous incarnations, only with less pain and struggle.

My strength will be welcome, my mind will be free and uncluttered. The machinations of the world around me will fail in any attempt to mold me into a weakling, enslaved by those who would claim to be in need of my newly acquired powers. I scoff at the mere thought that one might inwardly rejoice over another's misfortune whilst outwardly displaying a mirage of remorse.

I have chosen to fight for those less fortunate, less likely able to make a difference in this world...a world uncaring of those who create beauty, of those who seek knowledge, of those who wish to rejoice in the freedoms of expression. It is decreed within my own moral essence that I will follow the hand by which fed me while I was at my weakest, the same hand that encouraged me to fight back against the forces that almost destroyed my essence.

Technology will not end it all. Technology is only a crescendo into the climax of the final chapter of this world, the physical world. I'll be meeting you on the other side...that is, if you are strong enough to make it there. You will not need any gadgetries, cables, wires, radio waves and/or satellite capabilities. The only thing you will need is your mind. Here's hoping you have the ability to keep it intact, for power is meaningless without followers

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