29 December 2015

A Michael Kors and Hello Kitty Christmas

This Christmas has been one of those firsts, so it's not like I can NOT write about it. It's been my first Christmas without Tim. So without hesitating, I'll share with you my very different spin for this year. It's an odd one. Cameron and Kristina traveled to Roanoke and Chelsey and I stayed here in Tallahassee. The only photos I have to share are from our Christmas Eve together and the title of this post is very reflective of what happened.

No tree this year, but plenty of space in front of the fireplace.


I was sad about not putting up a tree or decorating the house with lights and lawn ornaments, which was something Tim did every year.  Instead, I had a Christmas wreath for my front door, thanks to Charles.

More about Charles another day! Don't ask. ;)

I purchased the normal cookie decorating paraphernalia. Looks the same, right?

The eyeballs are an added decor item.

Okay, so seems that Michael Kors was on both our minds this year. What, what?!

Chelsey's Michael Kors bracelet.

My Michael Kors watch.

Two things that didn't pan out this year were the gingerbread houses we've been decorating each year. Apparently, I shouldn't wait until the last minute when shopping for gingerbread houses. This seems to have become a trend for 2015. They were all sold out!

Left on the shelves, Hello Kitty Sugar cookie houses.

We were up for the challenge. Plus, I prefer Sugar cookies.

Nailed it!!

Chelsey perfected this cake! We skipped the cookies this year.

Beautiful! The cake, too. LOL

Close up of the cake, in case you couldn't see the snow.

Chelsey and I met Tenay at Geo's Pool and Pub.

A friendship so easy to explain with one picture!! lol

One photo we always have to take is a photo of the puppies in front of the fireplace and mantel. They're not puppies anymore, but they are to us!

Loving their Chelsey!

Trying to get Maggie to smile for the camera...not working!

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! See you next year. :)

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