09 December 2015

Creative Writing Prompts with a Communications Theme

This came to me from Nancy at Creative Writing Now, but I didn't want to keep it to myself, so I thought you guys in the Blogosphere might want to participate. Pick one of the following prompts, write a short piece, and share it as a link back to your blog through the Simply Linked sign up below. Happy writing!

In case you're looking for writing ideas this week, here are five story prompts that you can use to write fiction of your own.  All of these ideas are related to the theme of communication.

Oui Do, in Venice

On a foreign holiday, your character meets an extremely attractive man or woman.  They don't speak the same language, but they somehow find a way to understand each other, and your character feels a powerful connection that s/he has never felt with anyone before.  Impulsively, your character marries this person after they've only known each other a very short time.  Your character's new husband/wife moves to your character's country and begins to take language classes there.  The better the spouse is able to communicate, the more your character realizes that s/he isn't the person your character had believed...

Break a Leg...Just Kidding

On a first date, your character makes a joke about wanting to kill his/her boss.  But when the boss ends up in the hospital following a brutal attack, your character begins to worry that his/her new boyfriend/girlfriend may have taken the joke too literally...

Hello From Below

Your character runs a small charity.  The charity's most important donor has just died, and the donor’s widow shows no interest in continuing to contribute to the charity.  Your character fears that the charity will not survive the loss of funding.  Then your character learns that the widow regularly visits a psychic -- which gives your character an idea.  Your character will convince the widow that s/he has the ability to speak with the dead, and will pretend to pass on messages from the dead husband urging her to continue with the charitable donations.  But something strange and unexpected begins to happen.  When your character pretends to summon the dead, s/he has a distinct feeling that someone, or something, is actually trying to communicate with him or her...

Calling For Caroline

Every evening, when she goes to the parking garage of her office building, your character finds a new love note tucked under the windshield wipers of her car.  These love notes are very beautiful and fill your character with powerful emotions.  But they are all addressed to "Caroline".  Your character's name is Melissa...

Above the Garden, We Pray

Your character has been kidnapped and locked in an attic.  The attic has a small window overlooking the garden of a neighbor's house, where your character sometimes sees children playing.  Your character doesn't dare shout out the window because the kidnapper might hear.  S/he needs to find a way to signal for help without the kidnapper's discovering what s/he's doing, and without endangering the children...

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