13 April 2015

L is for Lesbian

This is my coming out post.

Just kidding.

Just so you know, nobody requested that I use this word in my A - Z Challenge. I chose it for myself because it's a great word! And don't be all, "Oh, she brings up her lesbian friends to show she likes lesbians and doesn't discriminate."

Not exactly true. The reason I chose this word is because of one of my favorite shows, The L Word. It ran for 6 seasons (more than half the mainstream Friends series) and although I had my favorites, I had grown to absolutely love each and every character.

It is sad that this series ended with season six. It was popular across all demographics and I miss these characters so much! And since this is from stream of consciousness, I'm only going from memory when I give this run down, so correct me if I get anything wrong.

Character breakdown:

Bette and Tina - a lesbian couple struggling with developing a family via a donor. Their relationship took some splits and interesting directions.

Shane - The butch/androgynous whore, and I say this with much love for her, couldn't stay committed, even to the hottest women I've ever seen.

Alice - I was never sure if this character goal was to throw in a mixture of diversity with her bisexuality and interracial relationships, but  it was okay. She was kind of boring. The dildo in the suitcase at the security checkpoint was funny as hell.

Dana - She wasn't all that striking as a character. Her story was touching though. She developed breast cancer and died. A truly sad story line and so many people were sad to see her go.

Jenny - The straight, flower child type seduced by an older woman. At first you sort of feel sorry for her, but then she turns into a really nasty bitch.

Max - A transgender going through the emotional traumas of becoming a man. This was a compelling story line. Though I cannot relate, it was very touching.

Helena - Fell from the riches of her snobbish family (she is sort of snobbish herself). Watching Helena struggle without money was more fun than watching her navigate her lesbian circle. Awkward!

Kit - I never could understand her part in the series. She was a sober past addict and the epitome of moral support to everyone. It's like she signed a no contact contract or something. Everyone is having sex but her.

If I left anyone off, I apologize. I'm only listing the main characters. I know there were some hot additions like Carmen and Papi, but I only have room for so many and I have a paper to write this weekend, else I could go on and on!

P.S. I thought it would be funny as hell to see Shane and Papi hook up. OMG, bleach!! I can't unsee that! Okay, only some people will get it. lol

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