04 April 2013

P is for Passing Gas and Everyone Poops

The Gas We Pass - The Story of Farts
Hardcover for $10.07 at Barnes & Noble
Published by Kane/Miller Book Publishers (January 29, 1994)
Average Rating 4.5

Everyone Poops
Hardcover for $15.44 at Amazon
Published by Turtleback (October 1, 2001)
Average Rating 4.0

I'm not one to criticize children's books, but I found these in a small gift shop while vacationing in Jacksonville Beach, FL last month. I didn't know how to take the hardcover books, supposedly educational in nature. I didn't purchase either one. The urge to do so just wasn't there, and trust me, I'm a compulsive buyer. Instead, I took a photograph of each to share with my writer friends and ask a question of you all.

I've read the reviews, and there seems to be two camps on this type of educational material, which also contain graphics of not so fine art, according to Publishers Weekly.

Do you believe there is a message in all this? Yes, it's natural. We all do these things. But, is it appropriate educational material for the intended audience (18 months - 4 years)?

Which camp are you in, Camp Kudos or Camp No Go (pun intended)?

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