14 April 2013

Help My Blog - Book Giveaway!

Contestant Palettes are at the bottom!

I've been wanting a change for the blog, but thought it might be a good idea to get some input. What I've done in the past is upload a favorite picture to an image to color palette generator and produce a color palette for my basic theme.

Just to show you how this works and what I get back, I used this photo of my current main blog page:

I paste it into the input field and click on "Get Palette":

I get back the following suggested palettes:

I guess what I would like to do, if anyone is interested, is have a book giveaway! Okay, here's how it will work. You do the following:

  1. Find an appealing photograph on the internet.
  2. Use it to generate a color palette. It's easy!
  3. If you like the colors, enter the giveaway by pasting a link to the original photograph in the comments section below.
  4. Don't forget to tell me which of the following books you would like to have and if I use your palette, I will send you that book!
  5. Leave your email address in the comments as such: diane (at) comcast (dot) net so that I can make contact and get a mailing address.


Oh, and don't fret if you don't win. I will be doing a drawing as well. The winner of the drawing will receive their pick of the remaining books. 


*Note: All of theses books belong to me, so you are looking at their actual conditions. Four are pretty new, the King and Mosley ones, Comedy Writing Secrets, and Threat Warning. The other two are in okay condition.

The Desert Rocks

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