11 November 2015

Communicating with Truth and Transparency

Just some thoughts on my latest ideas on making progress in this world of communications. I'm dealing with topics of genuine concern and authentic desires within me to change the mindset out in the media world today. We need more communicators who care about the human spirit. I wish companies would stop with marketing gimmicks and give us what we truly want, not what they want us to have or the only thing they have to offer in order to make that buck.

The part of being real to your audience is sharing truth and you do that by being transparent and sharing parts of you that may not be considered desirable traits to others, but they make you who you are. Granted, not everyone needs to be out there sharing their truth. I get that. LORD! ...help me I've seen enough.

Part of my writing journey has been in finding ways to open up and share who I am: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I do this so that I can experience the freedom I need to be able to write uninhibited.

If you've ever heard people talk about reading something that rings true, it's because the author has no reservations about what they are writing. Some people attribute that truth as having come from an author who is "writing what they know" and that's not necessarily the case. They are writing, uninhibited, and therefore the genuine intent of what they write shines through. How else can a science fiction writer make something up, which doesn't exist, and sell it to their audience?

One of the most important aspects of studying communications is gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be truthful in your communications. Most people only want to deliver messages which make them look good. They don't want to communicate those things which might invite criticism. That's understandable, and communication full on isn't for everyone.

Not many people can freely express themselves, the good and the bad. Because not all people can face criticism without completely falling apart. The thing that communications majors learn about and study in great detail is how to deliver a message truthfully. Truth is good. If you have a moral compass, use it and you will be invincible! Or, you might be looking for another job, but sleep well at night.

While the rest of the world is out there building a persona and delivering great things about themselves, a communication major is learning how to make the face of organizations into human beings again, communicating on a level to deliver genuine brands which people can relate to and find attractive because truth is attractive. A marketing gimmick which turns out to be a big fat hoax is not attractive. Matter of fact, it pisses us off.

We are all human. We deal with positives and negatives in our lives. We communicate truthfully to the human spirit because we've shed our fears in order to do our jobs, and then we wonder in that moment why it is that we ever feared criticism for being human ourselves.

Are you an inhibited communicator, or do you deliver the truth?

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01 November 2015

Some WTF Moments Traveling to DC

I've been remiss in not posting the photos from last weekend where I spent my time with friends who participated in this year's Marine Corps Marathon. My trip started last Thursday when I bumped into my friend Yvette at the Tallahassee airport. I was like WTF are you doing here? And she was like, no wait...WTF are YOU doing here?

Turns out we were both traveling. She was going to Texas, and I was going to D.C. Funniest thing ever? We were both on the same flight to Tampa where Yvette had a 2 hour lay over, and I had a 4 hour lay over. Is there a better way to spend time with a friend than getting our buzz on before noon?

Drinking Mai Tais & Strawberry Martinis

Okay, so enough of that shit. Eventually, we said our goodbyes, Yvette took off to Texas, and I popped another Oxy in preparation for my flight into D.C. where I would eventually meet up with my other pals from Tallahassee, the ones who were all running as part of team Tim Carlisle, in honor of my late husband. Yes, you should visit the link and see how much his friends raised for their charity, Semper Fi Fund. Here's a video outside the Smithsonian's American History Museum.

Team Tim Carlisle and their families celebrate
after the run on Sunday.

My friends, Lisa and Robert Roddy

Tim's buddy, Garrick. Responsible
for creating the team and raising over
$11,000.00 of their $10,000.00 goal!

Despite the long trip, parts of which I can't even explain (like the 50 foot drop the plane took during a bout of turbulence), I had some "me" moments where I was able to reflect on the past and even ruminate on my future a bit. Where I'd once had fears of eating alone in a restaurant, I was forced to do so while experiencing my first encounter with Vietnamese cuisine. I ordered this stuff called Pho.

When this came, I was like, "Okay, I get it."
Pho fuck's sake! Where's the rest of my food!!

I soon discovered that wasn't all there was to my order. That's just the nasty stuff you're supposed to use to make your meal look more enticing. Wait for it....

Yeah, that's meat floating inside the
soup bowl. It's like some kind of beef
brisket, floating around in hot soup.
I'm not kidding. LOOK at it!

Did I eat it? Yes. I was hungry. Despite the fact that I'm only 5'3" weighing in at 115 pounds, I still do require some sustenance. No worries either, I did not skimp on my caloric intake.

Less calories than an entire bowl
of Fettuccine Alfredo

Nestle Dibs wasn't the only thing I consumed during my alone time. I walked to the local 7 Eleven (yes they still have those in D.C.) and picked up a sugar free Red Bull to drink on my way back to my room, though I did pass a crowd of Mexicans hovered over what looked to be a scratch off lottery ticket.

This is true. I experienced it, so don't call me a racist. I can't help it they were Mexican. I really wish they had been Asian so that I could say they were Asians. But, if they were Asian, they'd have been taking pictures of each other standing in front of the local 7 Eleven and maybe holding up a sugar free Red Bull.

Life's too short not to enjoy one of these.
I bought the sunglasses at the 7 Eleven, too.
Classy? Maybe more like classic.

So anyway, my trip to D.C. was just another journey on my path to making progress. I'm doing me, and me says it's time to celebrate the meaning of life, try new things, experience the freedom of being you, and take an Oxy 45 minutes before you get on an airplane.


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20 October 2015

Scary Story in 5 Words

The newest trending hashtag on Twitter is #ScaryStoryIn5Words and here are my top 10 favorites!

Scary Story #10

Scary Story #9

Scary Story #8

Scary Story #7

Scary Story #6

Scary Story #5

Scary Story #4

Scary Story #3

Scary Story #2

Scary Story #1

Share your favorite #ScaryStoryIn5Words in the comments below and Happy Halloween, Blogosphere!

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06 October 2015

A Funny Thing Happened When - A Writing Prompt

For the first time in several years I have the flu. While at home feeling miserable as all fuck, I decided to take my mind off my misery by finding a creative writing prompt. I chose the grade level twelve, because what the hell, I think I qualify. In an attempt to lighten my mood I chose "A Funny Thing Happened When..."

Do you know how difficult it is to remember funny things when you have the flu? It's really hard, but I found one. This happened when two sisters discovered they are just too close in age. Everything my sister and I learned in our social circles: the good, the bad, the ugly, we learned at the same time and practiced on each other. Like the middle finger snap to the forehead. That was the ugly.

This kind of ugly, for real.

It was I who had practiced on my sister. Who knew I'd be successful in landing the perfect blow on the first try? She certainly didn't. I think I actually felt the surprise on my own face, even as I looked at the anger which crept onto hers.

I took off and she took off after me. I knew I had to get away, because though she was smaller than me, she would beat the shit out of you if she were mad enough, and boy was she mad!

Kind of like this

I felt I got away because we were yards apart when I reached the door in the hallway. All I had to do was get through that door and shut it right in the demon's face. I pulled on the knob and my knees buckled. My physical self got ahead of my practical self and I forgot to turn the handle. My entire body slammed into the wooden obstacle and all I could think was, "I'm going down." I may have even silently thought about Will Robinson.

I think I may have been 15 or 16 years old at the time, but if you can imagine a grown me screaming, "Ma! Ma! Dad!" at the top of my lungs before busting out into laughter, that's the image I want you to keep, because I don't recall what happened from that point forward. Each time we get together, we talk about this incident, but we never get past the laughter to finish the story.

Me and my sister, St. Marks 2012

I hope you will enjoy your own writing prompt. Please share them in the comments or link to your blog post. I'll especially enjoy it if you choose the same topic. I need the cheer and entertainment.

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23 September 2015

Writers Seeking Investors

I read a post by one of my blogger friends a couple days ago and while composing my thoughts about it, my comment grew beyond a suitable length, so I decided to post the response on my blog instead. Thank you, Randi, for such a stimulating topic. I can't believe I had more than a few sentences in me about "requesting financial support for writing and publishing a book." Apparently, these have become common projects on sites like GoFundMe.com and Kickstarter.com. However, the general public seems to be in a sort of debate about this, whether it is ethical or not. Many feel that these young writers should earn their way via some secret writ of passage. Let me put this in perspective a bit.

First off, GoFundMe and KickStarter are great programs and I think most people can peruse the projects on those sites and decide for themselves if a project is worthy of funding. Sure, the Internet wasn't always available, and these sites suddenly pop up and now there are more options for young writers today than ever before. So, you missed out? No! Go start your own project rather than scolding the young for having dreams and exploring new ideas. Who says you have to write, edit, submit, be rejected, and start the process all over again while you slave miserably 5 days per week, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., at a job that pays you a wage? Today you have options, obviously.

Don't whine that these folks aren't worthy to be published because they didn't get raked through the coals like you did. Let site donors decide if these projects are worthy of funding. If you don't think the project is worthy, then don't donate your money. Simple as that.

What if I want to fund some writer's dream? Should it matter to you? I'd much rather fund an honest person's dream than to let the government take it from me and give it to some person who sits on their ass all day long doing not a damned thing.

At least these kids are wanting to do something productive and creative. And, it doesn't matter how the funds are utilized, whether for a laptop with word processing software, an income to pay the bills while they write, or a fancy desk where they can spend their days working on their product. Isn't that how the government utilizes our tax revenue?

If a donor wants to fund a creative writing project, then that's what those platforms are for, giving creators a voice in requesting funds for their project ideas. The creation of a product is the creation of a product, no matter what it is. It could be a cool new game, a fancy cooler, or *gasp* a novel. Why should writing the next Great American novel be considered any different than any other creative endeavor?

To the writers out there who are requesting funding, you can't be too modest while in pursuit of a dream and you can't worry about what other people are saying about the way you are pursuing said dream. Just do it and have no regrets. Because when you are a success, it will be the only indicator that you did what was right for you! If you make it though, do give credit to those who donated to your project. It's the considerate thing to do.

And for this message of encouragement, I only charge a 10% fee on your first royalty check, so when you write that epic series comparable to Harry Potter, you can donate to my personal fund.

Go ahead, click it, seriously...

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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