14 March 2013

N is for Narration

10 Signs Your Narration is Failing

  1. You're writing in 1st person POV and every sentence starts with an "I" or "My".
  2. There is no white space on the first page of your manuscript.
  3. It takes you 3 sentences to describe what should only take you a few choice words.
  4. The first page of your manuscript reminds you of the Star Wars opening crawl.
  5. Your manuscript contains a mixture of past and present tense verbs...everywhere.
  6. A scan for the word "that" in the first two chapters of your manuscript retrieves a count of 89. Likewise for the linking verb "was".
  7. The first page of your manuscript makes you think been there, done that.
  8. There exists a typographical error on the first page of your manuscript, worse...it's in the first paragraph.
  9. You haven't mastered the use of there, their, and they're.
  10. Your narrator herd a noise instead of heard it.

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