15 October 2013

Launch of Delusional by Terry Lewis

I've changed up my reading list and added Delusional by Terry Lewis, author of Conflict of Interest and Privileged Information. This will be an exciting read for me. I read the first 3 chapters before it was even publish, but then my hard drive crashed. Oh well, I knew it would be coming out in the future, and here it is, finally.

Delusional is a mystery novel set in my home town, Tallahassee, Florida. The first person prologue introduces Nathan, a mental patient serving time for murder. Now his newly appointed attorney, Ted Stevens, must uncover the truth in the murder of Nathan's psychologist. Find out why by reading this intriguing novel.

I got my signed copy during the novel's launch at Momo's Pizza on September 30th. Other fans and friends of Lewis' first two novels showed up for their copies as well. The party offered a variety of pizzas and appetizers for hungry fans, as well as a cash bar. Guess what I made a beeline for?

Look, it's Liz! Another critique partner of ours.

Thanks for inviting us to the launch. I never tasted pizza from Momo's before. Sad that I've been missing it. In the thirteen years living in Tallahassee, I thought I'd tried every pizza joint within 30 miles.

Enough about food. Go get your copy of Delusional!

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