03 October 2013

The Pissed Off Mommy - Character of the Day

I saw this circulating on Facebook the other day and it pissed me off. This sounds condescendingly preachy, but I understand the sentiment.

All too often we see out-of-control children, but you have to ask yourself this: What are your surroundings when you encounter such unruly shits? Is there a proliferation of brats pouring into our streets that you must call out ALL parents in general? I think not!

Those of us who raised our children in loving and caring environments so they may develop into productive members of society, may find this a little off-putting or offensive, only because we view things differently now that we've had children and understand the often under appreciated demands of parenthood.

My response as a mother of two beautiful and respectful adult children:

  1. We never finish with them, okay?
  2. We teach our children tolerance, whereby they may live peacefully among those disrespectful and classless shits raised by other people.
  3. If you don't have children or are a parent of an unruly, classless shit, remember this: When you become an elderly member of society, you may need assistance from one of our grown children, whether he or she be a doctor, a nurse, or an assisted living coordinator. Please remember to thank us for never being finished

Tip: Respect is not taught, it is earned. Here's a helpful video. Please watch, learn, and practice before you preach!

The Pissed Off Mommy

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