21 October 2013

The Man Song - Character Development Exercise

I struggled with character development over the weekend. I performed all my usual activities to motivate my muse. I know we all have tricks up our sleeves, but sometimes it's like trying to entice a new kitten to chase the yarn ball once she's bored with it. Come on... Look! *wiggle piece of yarn*


My usual activities when I'm desperate?

  • Sit in seat and stare at computer for an hour
  • Stream of consciousness writing with no results
  • Fill cooler with Miller Lite and go to flea market
  • Start an argument with a stranger

Nothing seemed to work and I spiraled into a depressive state. Finally, my husband chimed in and we had a discussion.

"What exactly are you trying to do?"

"I'm trying to find a balance for my lead character." I downed the remaining contents of my fifth beer.

"What do you mean, balance?"

"Grant Elliot is an alpha male. He's a man's man. Typical lead."

"Why is that a problem?"

"It's not! I just want to insert an extra character so that my readers understand I'm not delusional in thinking that all male characters must be super hot, super intelligent, and super charismatic. You know, I need to depict a more realistic male character to balance things out in my novel."

"Realistic, huh?"  Here you go!

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