24 October 2013

Sparky Sweets, PhD - Thug Notes

I found Sparky Sweets, PhD when I followed a link posted on Facebook. That's how I discovered #ThugNotes. Sparky summarizes and provides analysis on some of the top literature of all time. Classics like To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, and my favorite, 1984, are some of the books he features on his hit YouTube series, Thug Notes.

Check him out. You'll find him entertaining for sure. He uses some mature language, but in the context of his message, I find it appropriate and non-offensive.

You'll learn so much more about the classic tales he shares and how these great authors wove amazing stories with the underlying truth of reality. I never had an English teacher who could break it down quite like this. These short clips are golden!

If you care to Tweet this, please include a shout out to Mr. Sweets @SparkySweetsPhD and show the brother some love.

Sneak Peek - To Kill A Mockingbird.

If you had a chance to view his other videos, which was your favorite? I think I've watched them all. I'm waiting for him to give an analysis of The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. Okay, maybe it's not up there with these classics, but hey.

PEACE, y'all.

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