03 August 2015

Writing is Killing My Spirit!

I've neglected my writing lately. That's not to say I haven't been writing, because I've been doing SO much writing it's killing me. Writing because I have to do it in order to maintain a GPA isn't quite the same as writing because I want to, if that makes sense.

The things I want to write about are in my heart, singing and wanting to share. The things I'm focused on these days are very academic and make me sound like an alien at times, even to myself. I'm not even sure where I can get some relief or how to escape when I need some grounding.

I think in time, I will appreciate my own tenacity for sticking with this program and finishing grad school. Sometimes I think if I stop to take a break, I won't bother to finish. I will be so elated with the freedom of complete and utter chaos I will stop caring about what's important to me. The rebel inside me entices me to quit; the scholar scolds me for even thinking about it.

When I first decided Communications would be my major (eventually), I came up with a story in my heart. Who remembers Spirit Island - The Passage?

I will return soon!

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