15 August 2015

Growing Up Way Too Fast

I say there's nothing more encouraging than when your children explore the world beyond what's most comfortable and secure. Then I wonder. Comfortable and secure for whom, them or me?

When my son joined the Army and deployed to Iraq, it was hard on me. But when I see his photos and realize the independence he'd gained, the empowerment he must have felt being out there in the world, living life on his own, meeting new people, sharing skills, and helping others, it made my heart swell with pride. 

The photo above is my son Cameron posing with a group of Iraqi kids with whom he'd just shared the secret powers of the international language of peace and love. The kid next to him has perfected the signature peace sign. Click "Like" when you see it.

Fast forward several years and hear this. MY DAUGHTER WENT HIKING IN THE MOUNTAINS AND GOT LOST!! She had just told me about it this morning, after she'd been trekking the Eastern United States for the past week, hiking, camping, and bathing in the wilderness. I keep telling myself that she's 21 now and I have to let it go, let HER go.

Mountains of Colorado. The girl is brave!

Growing pains are not just for kids. I've been learning this lately, AGAIN. I love my kids so much, but I know they are grown and capable adults. I'd like to think we raised them that way. But hell, I have to give them their credit, too. I would never have made a great mother had it not been for the goodness of my children who helped me every step of the way.

The hammocks Chelsey and her friends
called beds for the past 7 nights!!

Never would I have imagined
my baby girl exposed to the
harsh dangers of the world.

And she thinks she's grown.
I think she's right! Love you both!

Have you experienced your own growing pains lately?

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