03 December 2011

T'was The Night Before Upgrades

by Diane Carlisle

This month's prompt:
Home for the Holidays (not associated with the real Holiday).

This one is broad: write about a holiday memory. It can be fiction or non-fiction, and the choice of holiday is yours (fictional holidays are okay too). Perhaps you can invent an annoying relative.


I'm going with a poem this time. Before I became a Developer, I was a Systems Administrator to the home of several AS400 systems. An upgrade can make you feel so alone in the world because they had to be performed when nobody was using the systems, mainly at the early hours after midnight. Since it's supposed to be a holiday blog, I'll try and keep it to the beat of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

T'was the night before upgrades
No developer in sight
The server backed up
Tapes locked away tight

With the coffee pot on
And I fraught with jitters
Had stayed for the evening
Left behind by the quitters

At the strike of midnight
I looked at my plan
To remind myself
How important I am

The lights were all dim
The cubicles bare
My own sense of doom
Cried out in despair

Let one thing go wrong
Just one little glitch
Your career will be over
Before the first pitch

I took a deep breath
And opened the door
The room lit up
No motion ignored

I loaded the drive
And it whirred with a noise
I stood back and waited
Patience and poise

When it was over
And my pride was restored
I knew right then
Why I never get bored

Life is not easy
While at the helm of the ship
It's better than jumping
At the crack of a whip

A holiday message
From me to you
Always have pride
In the things that you do

Happy Holidays all! Please add a four line verse from your own life and share it in the comments! I would love to hear about a slice of your life. Have fun with it!

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  1. As the upload ended
    there came such a clatter
    I turned quickly an to my suprise
    There was reindeer steak on my patter
    Bill Ragan

  2. Corrected

    As the upload ended
    there came such a clatter
    I turned quickly and to my suprise
    There was reindeer steak on my platter
    Bill Ragan

  3. Hahahahah, reindeer steak on your platter. Like Diana would cook for you. :D

  4. I used to work system migrations. Crawling under dusty desks to swap machines was not the most pleasant of jobs. Good thing I never had to do it over the holidays.

  5. Thanks Kelly! Good thing we get promoted out of those jobs too. :D

  6. Long, long ago, I once worked tech.
    So, oh boy, can I ever relate!
    Loved your holiday entry.
    Now for my turn, I can hardly wait!

  7. Great poem Diane, but I must say you are truly a computer techy type person. I don't even think I understand some of that geeky wit. Good for you and Happy Holidays!

  8. Thank you, Desert. Happy Holidays, and I'm waiting for the 3rd Edition of the Pink Bunny Slippers! :D


  9. Great post! Mine goes out tomorrow!

  10. Thank you, Charity! Can't wait to read your post, doggie! :)

  11. I won't even attempt a verse, I'm terrible at poems and rhyming. But you rhyme really well Diane!
    I loved it!

  12. Diane,
    You are a techie? Great poem, by the way. :) Hey, can you e-mail me about anything tech-related, so we can talk about computer tech-related stuff? looking for more friends who are techs, too.

  13. Thanks all! These blog chains inspire so much of my writing these days! :D

  14. Glad that they do inspire your writing. :)

  15. I've always wondered about the techs at the office who burn the midnight oil!

    Great post & very creative. :)

  16. Thanks for stopping by April and Alynza!

  17. Haha, that's fantastic! I like how there were even some continuations in the comments (sadly my poetry-fu is far too weak to attempt such).

  18. Nice poem! I'm not a techy person at all, it's nice to catch a glimpse at the people who make all this techy stuff possible. :)

    The boys are in bed
    And my cleaning begins:
    As a stay-at-home mom
    My work never ends.

  19. Many thanks guys!

    You have a full time job as a stay-at-home mom! Thanks for adding your verses. :)

  20. Loved your poem. Let's see if I can make any sort of rhyme here:

    The Forever Lazy's we unwrapped with glee
    but secretly hoped that no one would see
    Our blue smurf suits we donned one by one
    And took camera shots of each other for fun
    But our suspicions were roused when Ma's shoulders shook
    She'd posted our mugs all over Facebook!

  21. Bwahahhahahaha! That was awesome, Claire. Love the Facebook mention. :)


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