13 December 2011

From My Digital Studio

by Diane Carlisle

Many of my blog entries are geared more toward writing, blog chains and tips. Sometimes I've gone off in the weeds and wrote a piece or two about technology or maybe I've ranted about something that annoyed me.

Well, here's another digression for you. I want to share some of my other artistic endeavors. Surprise! Aside from dabbling in writing, I enjoy photography. Actually, I was asked to photograph a friend's wedding in April and I'm a bit nervous about doing it, so I was hoping for some feedback.

If you enjoy the slides, please let me know by commenting. It would give me that extra confidence I'm going to need in order to pull off a wedding!


  1. Wow, those birds are amazing. I love peacocks and I wish you would have done our wedding pictures!!
    You have talent big time!

  2. I'm certainly impressed! Those were beautiful!

  3. Thank you both, Desert and Lara! I have more favorites, but I haven't had time to compile them!

  4. I am thoroughly impressed. Your photos are amazing! You will do a great job with that wedding slide show.

  5. Those are amazing photos. Really professional -- great perspective. You really captured some amazing moments there. Nicely done.
    -- Tim

  6. Diane, I'm impressed. Those photos are gorgeous! I think you're a great photographer.

  7. stunning! and great use of light. You have nothing to be worried about :) I love the close up of the gargoyle.

  8. Thank you all for the encouraging words! I know it's a long ways off, but I will post the photos of the wedding in the future or probably just a link to the couple's own site.

  9. Sharon, I'll have to do a paranormal theme for you, maybe I can find a few gorgeous hunks to pose as vampires. :D


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