19 July 2016

My Daughter in Thailand - Part I

My daughter made some serious progress in her life this Summer. She is living in Thailand  for two weeks. 
She registered for a program with Loop Abroad to learn about big animal care on an elephant sanctuary. The trip serves two goals: learning to care for big animals and building memories. Part of learning is the experience you gain. The best part will be the cultural one of being in a country far unlike what she's accustomed. 
I like the Loop Abroad outlook on life and the reason they formed this organization. It is especially important for young adults.
How would our lives have been different if we'd traveled more, experienced more, known what was out there, and spent more time around people who truly love what they do before we'd tried to answer the question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?"
This is her picture story.  Don't forget to read the captions.
Chelsey is about to leave Tallahassee and head to JFK International Airport. She will then leave the United States with her Loop Abroad classmates and guide masters. Talk about a nervous mommy!

Smiles on the outside.
Nervous bundle of mess on the inside!

No longer traveling alone! *EXHALE* I'm going to be fine.

We'd just received the same text message
from Verizon.
"You've used up 90% of your 12 gigs."
The next cycle is 2 weeks! W...T...F??!

Learning about spirituality and Buddhism.

Yes, culture!

I can make the same thing out of red bell peppers.

Most beautiful smile!! =)

Learning art and culture.

Taking in the landscapes.

The food.

The food, part II.

Wildlife? That looks like a pretty pampered
and domesticated animal to me!

This is not the last of the photos. She's still in Thailand and I have enough for part II and part III, so stay tuned if you'd like to see more of Thailand and Chelsey's adventures abroad!

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