11 November 2015

Communicating with Truth and Transparency

Just some thoughts on my latest ideas on making progress in this world of communications. I'm dealing with topics of genuine concern and authentic desires within me to change the mindset out in the media world today. We need more communicators who care about the human spirit. I wish companies would stop with marketing gimmicks and give us what we truly want, not what they want us to have or the only thing they have to offer in order to make that buck.

The part of being real to your audience is sharing truth and you do that by being transparent and sharing parts of you that may not be considered desirable traits to others, but they make you who you are. Granted, not everyone needs to be out there sharing their truth. I get that. LORD! ...help me I've seen enough.

Part of my writing journey has been in finding ways to open up and share who I am: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I do this so that I can experience the freedom I need to be able to write uninhibited.

If you've ever heard people talk about reading something that rings true, it's because the author has no reservations about what they are writing. Some people attribute that truth as having come from an author who is "writing what they know" and that's not necessarily the case. They are writing, uninhibited, and therefore the genuine intent of what they write shines through. How else can a science fiction writer make something up, which doesn't exist, and sell it to their audience?

One of the most important aspects of studying communications is gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be truthful in your communications. Most people only want to deliver messages which make them look good. They don't want to communicate those things which might invite criticism. That's understandable, and communication full on isn't for everyone.

Not many people can freely express themselves, the good and the bad. Because not all people can face criticism without completely falling apart. The thing that communications majors learn about and study in great detail is how to deliver a message truthfully. Truth is good. If you have a moral compass, use it and you will be invincible! Or, you might be looking for another job, but sleep well at night.

While the rest of the world is out there building a persona and delivering great things about themselves, a communication major is learning how to make the face of organizations into human beings again, communicating on a level to deliver genuine brands which people can relate to and find attractive because truth is attractive. A marketing gimmick which turns out to be a big fat hoax is not attractive. Matter of fact, it pisses us off.

We are all human. We deal with positives and negatives in our lives. We communicate truthfully to the human spirit because we've shed our fears in order to do our jobs, and then we wonder, in that moment, why it is that we ever feared criticism for being human ourselves.

Are you an inhibited communicator, or do you deliver the truth?

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