05 June 2015

A Tale of Two Writers

Ha! A friend and colleague of mine helped me out today and produced some super, high-quality documentation for training on a project we've been trying to roll-out for the past six months. In celebration of the moment, I found something as close as I could get to describing how we probably feel this evening! PC Weenies is a wonderful comic strip and the artist gets deep into the psyche of geeks like us.

Imagine me as Bob and imagine her as the purple-headed geek trainer, only:

  1. We weren't writing on corporate ethics
  2. She sits in an office rather than a cubicle
  3. I'm actually the one who dreams of writing that Great American Novel!

Thanks, Amy. And like I always say, you are the bomb diggity. :)

Do you have a collaboration partner in your writing projects? How does that work out for you? Share your experience in the comments below!

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