03 July 2013

Millionaire Row Boat Tour in Miami Beach

There are so many things which inspire me to write. One of them is photography. Whenever I have an opportunity to travel, I'm toting along my Canon Rebel T3i. Setting, ambiance, actions, any number of elements can be captured by the camera and later viewed for inspiration.

When Tim and I visited Miami Beach, FL during our 26th anniversary trip, we took a boat tour on Millionaire's Row. If you're not familiar with Millionaire's Row, it was coined during the golden era of the 1950’s and 1960’s when celebrities visited the area, and several new oceanfront condominiums were considered the place to be in Miami Beach.

I'm sharing with you this video I compiled of all my favorite houses from the tour. There were too many, so I only captured and edited my absolute favorites, one of which the movie makers of Scarface filmed on location. Enjoy!

If you would like to view the individual photos for clarity, I'm providing a link to my Google album for this trip. 

Do you have other hobbies which inspire you to write? I don't know why, but every time I view a beautiful photograph, I want to write about a story going on somewhere deep within. Who knows, maybe my protagonist will have to fly to Miami Beach to interview a witness...who happens to live in one of these beautiful homes!

What do you think of the music I chose? Good, bad, indifferent?  :)

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