21 April 2013

Lying To Tell The Truth

Every one of us who must write has a truth to be told. You know it; I know it. There's that itch inside that won't go away, those characters who won't shut up, and the places to where the mind escapes in order to get away from this world, one which refuses to see our collective truths.

I have had the occasional friend or family member ask the question, why write? All I can say, is because I'm dying inside. If I don't write, my soul will wither away, and everything that I am, and everything I thought I'd ever become, will be nothing.

So now, I'm left with my fiction. It's the story I need to tell. And that is why I'm lying to tell the truth. It's the only way I can get you to know me and understand this story which needs to be told. If I have to lie to make you see it, maybe it's my revelation that the truth must be told, or I shall perish.

Not everyone turns to fiction. Some will remain in hospitals and drink the juice of the day, and others will take the high road, and continue accepting the cookie cutter world around them, without question. Then others just give up and look for another truth, one which fits their need, with less struggle.

Do you know why you're lying to tell the truth? Why do you write fiction?

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