28 March 2013

My Protagonist Cooks For You

Today, Kelly Cooper, the protagonist of my future novel, Precinct 9, will share with you one of her favorite recipes.  

Kelly is a police sergeant caught up in the mining of data from various internet sites and producing information that draws similarities between two unrelated cold cases. Just as she begins to place the final pieces of the puzzle together to reveal a serial killer, she becomes engaged in a heated verbal altercation with her ex-boss over a scandal beyond her control. 

When the ex-boss is murdered and Kelly's gun goes missing, she is declared a person of interest and placed on administrative leave. The gloves are off. 

With a serial killer on the loose and her life on the line, Kelly must do everything she can to clear herself of any wrong-doing, and find a way to complete the puzzle, all while operating outside the limits of the law.

Take it away, Kelly!

While Diane figures out how I’ll piece together that puzzle, let us see if I can’t piece together for you,  this recipe of lightly crusted pork medallions. 

You will need the following ingredients:

1 roll of center cut pork tenderloin
½ cup of all-purpose flour
1 egg
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut the pork loin into equal slices about a half-inch thick. Salt and pepper them to your desired taste and soak them in egg batter for 10 minutes, then lightly dust them with flour. Let them set while you fire up the deep fryer.

Fry them at 375 degrees for exactly 5 minutes. Use whatever method you want to drain the excess fat. I put them on paper towels and let them set for a couple of minutes. 

A serving size is 3 medallions. Plate them with country fried potatoes and buttered asparagus. The recipe for the potatoes has to come from mother. She never shared that one. 

I hope you try this dish. It’s fantabulous! 

Now, I have a serial killer to find. Ah, a computer!


  1. That looks really freaking good. We were going to eat out a few different places during Spring Break, but maybe we'll stay home and try out new recipes instead. I'll add this one to the list.

    1. We're getting back to simple cooking these days and then experimenting on the "sauces" we can create that are magical!

    2. Ohhhh....that looks delicious! Sadly, I am a terrible, terrible cook...and I can't say terrible enough. I burned Tostitos once. Smoked up the whole house. I'm not sure why I put Tostitos in the oven at 475ish, but I did and they came out major crispified. Lessons learned: think before you put something in the oven at 475, Randi L.

    3. LOL, randi. I once cooked dinner for my dad and his wife and it turned out beautifully (lasagna). But I burned the garlic bread. Not one to be without a backup plan, I saved half the loaf (just in case), so I had more bread to pop into the oven. Sadly enough, I burned the back up bread as well. :(

  2. Please tell Kelly to tell her mother that it's neglectful not to share her personal recipes with her daughter. This was shocking. The recipe sounds fantastic.

    1. I will let her know. She's in a riff with her mother at the moment, so I'm sure she will welcome your support. :D

  3. Replies
    1. I had some myself. It was VERY delicious, also served with some iced Ginger ale.

  4. I think this pork would be delicious with some Major Grey Chutney or blueberry sauce. Yum! I have an easy and delicious slow cooker recipe for boneless pork chops and field peas. Sending it to you via email.

    1. Send it! I have some pork left and don't know what to do with it! lol

  5. I've never fried pork, but that looks good.

  6. I guess Kelly knows who to call to resuscitate her heart after that wonderfully sinful dinner. Yum.

    1. Her new boss, Grant Elliot. She ends up saving his life. ;)

      Maybe I should have had her share a dessert? lol


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