04 January 2012

5 Developmental Stages of Sagehood

by Diane Carlisle

If you are over the age of forty, you have more than likely experienced most of these stages in different aspects of your life, whether at work, in your social groups or even in your political circles. So where is the wisdom we lost in knowledge? Here is another post about making progress in life and technology. I hope you get more out of it than the humor with which I intended to serve it.

Stage One - Communication: that thing that happens when everyone realizes they are expendable and someone's looking for a scapegoat.

Stage Two - Teamwork: that thing that happens when you join forces with others to ensure you do not become said scapegoat.

Stage Three - Competence: that thing that happens when you realize you don't know how to do something and so you hire someone who does.

Stage Four - Backbone: that thing that grows along your spine when you realize that you are the only one who has progressed beyond stage three.

Stage Five - Transparency: that thing that happens when you finally cleanup all the stuff created due to improper execution during stages one and two.

So, are you a Sage? What stages do you recognize and which stages have you mastered?


  1. I'm getting there. Know about the scapegoat scenario and in recent years started owning my stuff. Have you heard of "The Shadow Effect"? Intense work taking responsibility for projections and actions. Debbie Ford is the promoter and teacher of "The Shadow Effect". With Pluto in karmic Capricorn, it's not a bad idea to own our shadows.

  2. Oh, I remember all that stuff. That's why I quit my job!

  3. I'm all about the power of the self. I'll have to read that.

  4. Haha, Desert! So I'm not just crazy for my observations? :D

  5. Not a Sage yet! Getting closer though, I've got a backbone. Not sure if this has occurred due to wisdom, middle age or the inevitably of catching on!

  6. I think catching on is right on the money, Lynn. After all these years, I think I'm finally catching on. :)

  7. LOL> stage 3! But hey! I can look forward to stage 4, right?

  8. Tanya, I keep trying to get to stage 4, but every time I straighten my back and think I'm going to finally say something, something breaks in our shop. When that happens, nobody wants to be the lone competent one who can fix it. LOL


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