17 September 2011

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

by Diane Carlisle

Silence is Golden

This is my post for the September 2011 Blog Chain at Absolute Write. This month's challenge is to respond to a picture.

"We can't keep meeting like this," he said.

She pulled out another cigarette. He struck a match and cupped the tip as it flickered. She leaned in and let the flame dust the tip, drawing the smoke into her mouth and letting it fill her lungs.

She lifted her head up and away from him and blew the fumes out, "What's the matter? The Mrs. keeping you tied up on a leash now?"

"It's not like that." He drank the last of his scotch and placed the glass on the bar as the ice clinked to the bottom.

"One more, Frank?" the barkeep asked.

Frank nodded. He stared into his empty glass.

She crushed out her cigarette, picked up her purse, and stood. "So, I guess this is it?"

He looked at her for the last time. Her beautiful red lips turned down at the corners, eyes ablaze with anger.

She cracked an open hand across his cheek. "I'm sure you'll be happy one day, Frank."

He watched her leave. She had a hell of a figure, that one.

A stranger at the end of the bar lifted his bourbon and gave a slight nod of condolence.

Frank raised his glass back at the stranger and they drank in silence.

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  1. Thanks Kelly! I love writing prompts, especially the picture ones. Glad you liked it. :)

  2. Great descriptions and pace! Great job. :)

  3. Very nice. Love the inevitable slap.--robeiae

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to more of these chains. Very awesome and they keep me writing (and reading). Love it.

  5. what a great idea for a post feature. :)

  6. You should join, Sharon! It's very inspiring. :)

  7. I loved this! Very well written. I could feel the energy in the air.


  8. Thank you, my Ninja! lol

    Please take the link to the Absolute Write site and join us. I think you would have a lot of fun! :)

  9. I think Frank should be afraid. I think his lady friend is going to take more revenge than just that slap.

  10. I loved this. I could picture the whole thing (apart from the picture, of course). Great job.

  11. I wish Blogger.com had "like" buttons, Erin. I like your feedback. Thanks!

  12. Wow, that was a great scene. Loved it!

  13. Thanks, Regina! Hope you make it back on a regular basis. Loving your 4 Bad Mommies site, too. :D

  14. This may be off the subject, but I need help on my social media accounts. My publishing enrolled me in about five. So far I have had no responses. I hired someone to help me and see messed up my blog on Wordpress and I have not been able to fix it. I cannot pull up my administration page to post. Help on Wordpress doesn't help me because I don't understand what they are telling me to do. I used to be able to get on my administration page and hit post, the publish. Now I can't do this. can anyone help?

  15. Very sensuous post. Nice take on the prompt!

  16. Thank you, Cath! I just read yours and I love it! Updating my links now.

  17. People have long speculated that the couple in the picture were having an affair. Looks like you took that and ran with it very nicely!

  18. I didn't realize that about the painting, Altos. The woman in red just looked to me like a diva and the guys just look a bit tired and beat. :D

  19. Picture prompt is a great way to practice your writing skills. Good going Diane! Your interpretation here is a reality that happens to many people.

  20. Thank you, Shyxter! I welcome you to stop by Absolute Writer site in the link above and join us next month. It does challenge, every time. :D


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