05 September 2012

7 Antagonists I Love And Why

This month's prompt at Absolute Write
The Number Seven

September used to be the seventh month of the old Roman calendar and its name literally means seventh "month," so this month is brought to you by 7. Write wherever the prompt inspires you, fiction or non-fiction, prose or poetry. Do try and keep things at a PG-13 level, though.

NORMAN BATES, PSYCHO - Owner of the Bates Motel. Why does this character appeal to me so much? Because, though he is a brutal murderer, we discover his quirkiness, prone to violence, is a mask for the immense guilt he possesses over murdering his own mother. He had been jealous she'd found a lover. This sort of Oedipus complex lends him a weakness which he struggles to suppress. How can you NOT find some sympathy for this character?

WHITE GOODMAN, DODGEBALL - What a despicable, low-class, egotistical prick, right? However nasty a character is, they can be totally redeemed, especially if they make you laugh your ass off. That is all. 

NURSE RATCHED, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST - What a wicked, wicked woman! Think about what she is struggling with when she insists on keeping these patients "cuckoo". Control and order is what she desperately seeks, and when her patients question her over her antics, she is taken back. We get the first glimpse into her evil mind when her authority is questioned. Let that nutty McMurphy disturb the order and look out! You're messing with her domain. She's under-handed and evil to the core, but...at least she's in control, right? How can you not love this woman?

DARTH VADER, STAR WARS - I feel for this guy. He's trying hard to maintain his power. He can order people killed and it is done. People fear him; he is the almighty Darth Vader! One problem, he can't get his own son to see his greatness. It's not evil, my son...it's the dark side. This poor guy can't get through to his son. How horrible is that for him?

TOMMY DEVITO, GOODFELLAS - He's a small guy with a really big internal wound. Don't laugh at him. Call him a bastard, whack his friend, just don't laugh at him. How hard is that? He’s loud, he’s a bully, and if you’re getting laughs at his expense, he’ll kill you. Flawed? Yes! You want him on your side if there is going to be any misunderstanding. You find yourself saying to people, "Hey, seriously, just don't look at him funny, okay?”

DR. HANNIBAL LECTER, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - He is a cannibalistic serial killer who understands the human spirit, comes from a background which would drive anyone insane (opinion), and he'll eat your face off. What's not to like? Seriously, this character has shown compassion. He becomes a mentor to Clarice, the young, ambitious FBI agent, giving her clues which help her to find a serial killer. He later writes her a letter wishing her well. What a great man!

GOLLUM (Smeagle), THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY - You can't trust that deformed monster. He wants his Precious! He'll do anything for it. I can't help feeling pity for this character though. I want to give him the ring and wish him the best in his life as a deformed outcast. Poor thing!

So, who are your favorite antagonists and why?

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