14 April 2012

Photo Essay - Blog Hop

Since this is a blog about making progress, I thought it worth sharing this photograph because I   feel I've made progress with my photography. In fact, I haven't written a single word toward my novel because I keep coming up with these fun distractions.

The challenge is to pull together some concepts into a photo essay with a twist (combine several objects into one photo, not several photos to suggest a single theme). Stretch your imagination a bit. What might you create in a photograph if you were to combine a few concepts about your writing self, the author behind your art? Incorporate something a bit more personal.

Combine these elements which make us who we are. Create a still photograph of these representations of yourself. Try and bring them together in a photograph to tell the world who you are and what your life means to you.

I chose these things:

  1. What represents me in the future? I've grown older, so I chose my glasses because they are the device I can count on to keep me seeing the beauty I always want to witness.
  2. What represents me in the past? I chose shadows, because I'm always a shadow of my former self, a self I will never deny because it brought me to the place I am today.
  3. What represents me today? Stability, confidence and all the things I respect.
  4. What recently happened to you that made you realize why you're here in this beautiful world? My husband of 25 years picked a baby rose for me from the Wal-Mart parking lot just because he wanted to.

The rose is what inspired the photo essay. I hope you all like it and enjoy this fun challenge. Please join this blog hop by creating your own photo essay and posting the link using the form provided. Oh, and you can leave a comment too if you like!

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