19 April 2012

Show AND Tell With a Photograph

You've heard that advice "show don't tell" too many times and so have I. I post the difference between the two in show vs.tell. It's a simple reminder of how much more fun reading and writing can be when we take the time to walk our readers through a story rather than just tell them about it.

Well, I have another story to share and it's keeping with this same philosophy, but I like to be able to tell this particular story in an effort to enhance what I want to show. Then I think you will appreciate the photograph I'm sharing with you.

I had an opportunity to photograph a wedding a couple weekends ago. It was for a friend. She insisted on paying me for the job, but I refused payment. The reason being, if I don't charge you, then I won't feel the pressure. It didn't work, but the reward of finding out I could actually do it was enough payment for me. I don't think I would have ever been able to commit to such a project a year ago.

Anyway, the story!

After the wedding ceremony, of course, we had the family photos to snap. But, my goodness. One little guy didn't want his picture taken. He squirmed and struggled to pull away from his mother, the young bride's new sister-in-law. When the bride noticed the discomfort of the little guy, who now had tears in his eyes, she said to his mother, "No, it's okay. We can do it later. Let him go play."

The little guy's mother let him go. When the group dispersed, the kid ran over to the young bride to give her a kiss. And, that's when I snapped this photograph. Though I told you the very short story, I didn’t have to tell you anything more. You can see it all in the photograph.

I hope you enjoy!

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