09 February 2012

My 100 Word Response

by Diane Carlisle

I've enjoyed responding to the fun challenges from Florida Writer's Conference Blog! Here's their latest challenge and my response.

To all the guys (and some of the women) reading this, let’s pretend this picture isn’t about the first thing you thought when you saw it. After all, not everything revolves around that.

Pretending then, that the woman in this picture isn’t in the throes of connubial bliss, in 100 words or fewer, what’s happening in this picture. One thing that might make it more interesting is what could be a foot and a pantleg in the background. So what’s happening here?

Figure it out. One hundred words or less in 20 minutes.

My response:

The holy water strikes her and slits an open wound across her thighs.

“He commands you exit.” The priest hovers the crucifix above her belly.

“It burns!” she screams, but her voice is muffled with a low growl, then laughter.

“He commands you exit the body, He commands it!”

The holy water boils and spills over the top of the bottle and onto the woman’s stomach.

Father Crest is thrust into the desk and his crucifix plunges deep into his right eye.

He falls to the floor, dead.

The woman is fully consumed. The demon gets up and walks away.

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