01 October 2016

A Movement Mainstream Media is Ignoring

I'm inspired by the 2016 presidential election process between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What's most fascinating to me is how the media responds to America's obvious desire for content they are not getting, and all for political reasons.

I logged into Youtube yesterday to check out the live streaming of both candidates at their respective September rallies. To be fair, I didn't want to rely on the polls and mainstream media to report any movement in popular America. I wanted to see for myself. And, in light of all that I know about trends, the media spin, and influence, I thought it might be fun to put together this picture story. It speaks for itself.

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Polls can be skewed, but an audience and their reactions speak volumes.

A small online showing. Look at the likes vs. dislikes.

A much larger online audience with opposite reactions.

This is a much different picture than what the mainstream media is reporting. I don't understand how to explain the media's indifference to the obvious movement of the American people. Please share this and let's hope this goes viral!

If you enjoy this movement, look at part II. The Movement, part III.

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