15 September 2016

HASHTAG boycott NFL - Fail

I understand that many are upset with the protests occurring during the national anthem at NFL games. Athletes refusing to stand for the anthem chaps my ass as well. I won't mention names because I think these guys already get plenty of the attention they crave. I'm writing this post, not to lambaste the players for protesting by sitting during the anthem, but to say, "Really, America?"

Here's the point. Hash tags are great and social media is a valuable tool to make your point. But, hash tags and trending on Twitter do not make #BoycottNFL speak louder than the acts of the protesters. If you're still attending games and tuning in, then you only have yourselves to blame.

These players have the freedom to protest how they wish, but they can still be swayed by the consequences of their actions. Capitalism is what gives these players their stage. This is how Capitalism works.  When you buy something like a game ticket, it's called demand. When they get paid millions to play, it's called supply. Stop using Twitter as if it were some magical device that will end offensive behavior by trending a message. Instead, stop buying tickets and tuning into these games. People think that the more outrage they show on social media the more impact it will have. Maybe it will get the word out, maybe it won't. What percentage of those outraged will actually boycott the NFL? I hope 100%! Who's with me? There's still college ball. :)

Yes, I know there are plenty of players who show respect and they shouldn't be punished for the few who decide to basically put their finger to the society who feeds them, all too well. In my day, if one part of your group acted up, the entire group paid for it. When one group member didn’t do their assignment, everyone in the group got a poor grade. When enough of that shit happens, trust me, those few acting up will assimilate as the team sees fit. Until you decide to stop feeding the problem, the problem will remain.  These NFL teams aren't going to get the bad apples in line as long as they are getting fed by the same hand (sports fans). See what I mean? 

Put your money somewhere else for the time being and watch these teams kick some petulant children in the ass. Until then, these things will spiral out of control. These athletes will continue to bring in multi millions from sponsors, because society can’t get enough of these wonderful athletes and celebrity douche bags.

Thanks for tuning in, but I'm tuning out (of the NFL). See you next time!

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