10 May 2016

A Lesson on Dating Your Story

I found a note I'd written on Facebook back in 2009 and after reading it, this whole thing about dating your stories is much clearer. I hadn't realized back then what I was really writing about. But, let me share it here and you will see the elements of time and distance as it happens in relationships. Take from it what you will, but I enjoyed reminiscing! All based on true stories.

Fishing (22 years ago)

He baits my hook and shows me how to cast. I think I am doing pretty good, but am embarrassed.

I think to myself that he looks so cool doing something totally foreign to me, but I want to spend time with him and learn what he's doing and learn why it's something he enjoys. I love him so much and want to be a part of his world.

My heart skips a beat when I feel a nibble on my line.

I jump, "Oh my goodness...what was that?"

He smirks, "Just a nibble...let me show you how to hook one when that happens."

He comes over and puts his arms around me and gently guides my hands over the pole. I'm hoping he doesn't feel my sudden reaction. I guess he could make fun of me and laugh at my incompetence but he doesn't. I know I love him that much more.

Shortly into the day, I manage to tangle my line. He fixes it with a smile on his face. I also manage to let go of an entire "rigged" pole. We watch it float away. It was probably REALLY expensive, too.

His response is an amused chuckle and a gentle smile of tolerance and admiration.

Fast forward 22 years

He's prepping our daughter's rod. I try to be helpful and prep ours to save time. I do it wrong, of course. I tangle one line accidentally...now he's pissed. I forgot to loop the line over some stupid lip. Duh.

I back away and let him fix it.

I check my Blackberry for updates. One update on Twitter...OMG, a celebrity just posted another pic! Facebook update from three friends. Spend some time reading updates on the Blackberry.

He scowls at me and hands me a freshly baited pole.

I thank him, wondering if I should post a Twitter comment and respond to my friends on Facebook. I decide no. He might get pissed. I can't be so blatant about it.

Fish are not nibbling. Maybe I don't notice because I'm tuned into crackberry notifications. Either way, no notifications, but my daughter catches a fish! Her friend catches a fish! OMG. Time to take a picture...NOBODY MOVE!!!!! Pictures captured, moments saved!! WOOHOO!

Maybe I can post them to Facebook? I look over and he's watching. I quietly slip my Blackberry into my pocket.

Back to baiting, waiting, listening....nothing! I'm impatient. Maybe it's the crackberry calling me. I wonder if I can type blindly with my hand in my pocket.

I let go one hand and the rig falls from the pier. Into the ocean. Not good.

Suddenly, my Twitter feed updates and the crackberry bleeps. I pretend I don't hear it. He pretends he doesn't know I'm pretending. We both just watch as the pole floats away.

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