06 October 2015

A Funny Thing Happened When - A Writing Prompt

For the first time in several years I have the flu. While at home feeling miserable as all fuck, I decided to take my mind off my misery by finding a creative writing prompt. I chose the grade level twelve, because what the hell, I think I qualify. In an attempt to lighten my mood I chose "A Funny Thing Happened When..."

Do you know how difficult it is to remember funny things when you have the flu? It's really hard, but I found one. This happened when two sisters discovered they are just too close in age. Everything my sister and I learned in our social circles: the good, the bad, the ugly, we learned at the same time and practiced on each other. Like the middle finger snap to the forehead. That was the ugly.

This kind of ugly, for real.

It was I who had practiced on my sister. Who knew I'd be successful in landing the perfect blow on the first try? She certainly didn't. I think I actually felt the surprise on my own face, even as I looked at the anger which crept onto hers.

I took off and she took off after me. I knew I had to get away, because though she was smaller than me, she would beat the shit out of you if she were mad enough, and boy was she mad!

Kind of like this

I felt I got away because we were yards apart when I reached the door in the hallway. All I had to do was get through that door and shut it right in the demon's face. I pulled on the knob and my knees buckled. My physical self got ahead of my practical self and I forgot to turn the handle. My entire body slammed into the wooden obstacle and all I could think was, "I'm going down." I may have even silently thought about Will Robinson.

I think I may have been 15 or 16 years old at the time, but if you can imagine a grown me screaming, "Ma! Ma! Dad!" at the top of my lungs before busting out into laughter, that's the image I want you to keep, because I don't recall what happened from that point forward. Each time we get together, we talk about this incident, but we never get past the laughter to finish the story.

Me and my sister, St. Marks 2012

I hope you will enjoy your own writing prompt. Please share them in the comments or link to your blog post. I'll especially enjoy it if you choose the same topic. I need the cheer and entertainment.

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