14 September 2015

Future Book Promotions on my Blog

Beginning this month, book promotions will make up a small portion of my content, but I will only be promoting one book per month. Don't forget the theme of this blog is writing and making progress. I can't think of a better way to contribute to the blogosphere, can you?

Once I'm finished with my studies and have time to read for pleasure again, I may switch over to book reviews again. But, for now, here's the first promotion and it's for my dear blogofriend, Randi. Did I just make up a word? I think I did.

I know I will love these because Randi is a hell of a writer and I can't wait to read both books.

Author Randi Lee is running a buy one, get one promotion for two of her books: purchase a copy of Randi Lee’s “Affected” between September 14—22, 2015 and receive a free eBook version of “Snap! A Quite Quick Collection.” To receive your free eBook, e-mail a copy of your receipt for the purchase of “Affected” to: randi.lee@mail.com.

“Affected” by Randi Lee is available on major online bookselling sites, such as: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, kobo and Powell’s. Visit emotionalnovel.blogspot.com for more details.

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