26 February 2014

Word of the Day - Juno

Ju·no  [joo-noh]
noun, plural Ju·nos for 3.

  1. The ancient Roman queen of heaven, a daughter of Saturn and the wife and sister of Jupiter: the protector of women and marriage. Compare Hera.
  2. Astronomy . the fourth largest and one of the four brightest asteroids.
  3. A woman of regal appearance or bearing.

Those are the official definitions at dictionary.com, but I'm not using them here. Why? Because I am having my bathroom remodeled by an exceptionally talented man and I've decided to make my own definition for this word and dedicate it to Javier. He's Hispanic, so this will only make sense if you use it in context.


  1. An afterthought.
  2. When something goes wrong or something changes in path or vision.

So, he's tiling my bathroom and he decides to go and buy extra bullnose tile pieces to edge the corners. When I step in to have a look, I'm surprised that he hadn't consulted me with the switch up in design.

He sees me and instantly goes into his explanation, "Juno, ease better like deez. She looking good."

"Thanks, Javier. It does look great, and I trust your judgement, but that's going to put a dent in my budget man, juno?"

Check out the photos of Javier's work. I will never use anyone else for my tiling. I still have a lot of work to do on this project!

Got rid of the vanity and added two pedestal sinks! I
think it adds depth. I can't wait to decorate. 

The bullnose tile pieces you can see on the wrapped
corners. Um, $8.00 per piece. lol

Tile is done. Waiting for the glass guy to
come and install the shower walls.

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