29 February 2012

Matrix Revolutions - Story Critique

I was disappointed in this movie.  Too much of the dialogue kept shifting back to the ole "remember when" type thing.  The original Matrix was an awesome movie, no reminders needed!  I'm going to review this story by picking on some of the characters I think were either over done or under played.

Agent Smith - I think I'll puke if I ever hear "Mr. Anderson" again.  This is THE worst character in the whole entire movie.  He's like a freaking virus, duplicating himself and becoming more powerful in number...not within himself.  That's ridiculous that all his duplicates sit there and watch while he basically kicked Neo's ass all by himself.  How can this be?  Neo kicked thousands of Agent Smiths in Reloaded and now they have ONE, one Agent Smith kick his ass.  It doesn't make any sense to me. Visit The No Resolution Resolution.

The twins - I was expecting to see them again.  The morphing twins are a far better breed of cool than 50 million Agent Smiths.  God, I never thought they'd continue with that one.  I guess bringing in the morphing twins wasn't possible though.  It would have taken away face time for the powerful, growing in number Agent Smiths that for some God awful reason they thought would be even more cool than the 25 million Agent Smiths previously in Reloaded.

Niobe (that her name?) - Trinity is supposed to be the cool chick.  What were they thinking?  It's like they were attempting to downplay all the heros/heroines and insert new ones.  If they wanted new heros/heroines they should have made a different movie.  I went to see Neo, Trinity and Morpheus kick some ass, not get put on the back-burner to let this no-name lady take all the credit for doing the impossible.  The two muscular looking women who took out the main machine were more impressive than this chick.

The Frenchman - He punked out too quick.  They really could have done without the overload of testosterone in Trinity's "give me Neo or we all die" routine.  It was too early in the movie for that kind of thing and it left an abrupt end to this awesome character, The Frenchman.  I would have liked to have seen more of his character.  He was very pompous, but I really liked him.

The Trainman - He was really tough.  One kick put Neo down.  That was it, what was his purpose though?  I was expecting to see him again, not just sitting next to the Frenchman when he punked out, but in a fight scene somewhere.  Did they just want to put some ugly dude in the movie so that he could kick Neo into a concrete wall? Whatever they were going for, it didn't translate well.

This is what I think happened in the transition from Matrix to Matrix Revolutions:

Neo and Trinity fell in love in the first movie and consummated their relationship in the second.  End of story.  No more cool stuff, only mushy stuff, new faces and someone trying desperately to piggyback off an original storyline while trying to keep the on-going technological symbolisms. They probably didn't realize how cool the morphing twins were because there wasn't any time between movies to get any feedback or they would have had an opportunity to see where they should go with Revolution.  For that reason, I think it was a bad idea to shoot the films back to back like that.

My exact words when leaving the theatre:  I don't know...it just didn't have that bad ass feel to it. If you don't agree with me, leave a comment. Well, leave a comment even if you DO! I always like to read your opinions.


  1. I completely agree! Revolutions was terrible. Reloaded and the original were the best.

    1. The original was phenomenal! :)

      Reloaded was cool!

  2. I'm with you 100% on this - and your timing is so perfect for this post! We just watched the original and Reloaded a couple of weeks ago and stopped there. Revolutions was so disappointing! Although... I have to say I do love Hugo Weaving in spite of the annoying character. He’s the reason I watch V for Vendetta so often! :-)

    1. I haven't seen V for Vendetta. I keep telling myself I have to sit down and watch it. Natalie Portman is such a doll! Love her.

      SNL Natalie Raps!

  3. I think I've seen it about 8 times now and EVERY time I watch it I find more subtleties that I'd missed in the previous viewings. I swear I love it more each time I watch! V is one of the only movies I've loved enough to make me write a review.

    1. Like me and The Breakfast Club. I watched it over 50 times. :D

  4. Diane, I've always stayed away from Matrix movies and now I know why. Thanks for reminding me. Great post! LOL

    1. There is a year old rumor that stirred up about a Matrix 4 and 5 and I was like omg, here we go again! But alas, they are just rumors. :)

      I wouldn't waste my money on it, but maybe if they were done in 3D. Thanks for stopping by. *coffee* Here, sit and have some coffee with me. lol

  5. I agree. But I hated the movie mainly because of the exaggerated fight between neo and smith. I liked the simple king fu fights of the first movie.

    1. Right! All fight scenes should be kept simple but artistic, not so fake that it's almost cartoon-ish.

  6. You didn't understand the movie and you dare to criticize it.
    Smith became more powerful when he absorved the Oracle. And the obvious reason why the other agent smiths don't atack Neo is because they respect him.

  7. HAHAHAH you didn't understand a crap about the movie, the trainman was onlye capable of do such things only in his dominions.

    Smith became more powerful when he absorved the Oracle. And the obvious reason why the other agent smiths don't atack Neo is because they respect him, it's a 1 vs 1 duel... He has no reason to order the other agents to fight, he became more powerful than Neo absorving the Oracle.
    You are a very dangerous person, you make negative conclusion from nowhere and you write about them..

    1. First, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your feedback.

      I am curious to know why you feel I give a negative conclusion from nowhere. Please tell me how this is negative:

      "My exact words when leaving the theatre: I don't know...it just didn't have that bad ass feel to it."

      However, you are right in stating I did not understand portions of the movie, that is why I posted this entry. I am pointing out the various characters and making my opinion of them based on the fact I didn't understand. I clearly point this out in each instance.

      Here are the areas that I admit I didn't understand. I'm not trying to hide anything:

      "Neo kicked thousands of Agent Smiths in Reloaded and now they have ONE, one Agent Smith kick his ass. It doesn't make any sense to me."

      "What were they thinking?"

      "Whatever they were going for, it didn't translate well."

      I have to disagree with you about the whole making negative conclusions from nowhere. I absolutely made correct conclusions based on my viewing of all three movies. There are many people who watched all three movies in the Matrix Trilogy and from what I've read, most believe, as do I, that Revolutions sucked in comparison.

      It's not because it didn't have cool stuff going on, but the script was drowned out by it all. When you have characters with dialogue that starts out with "remember when..." while trying to explain to the audience how things tie together, that's bad...really bad.

      I guess this comment could have been a blog entry in itself, it is so long.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.


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