15 August 2011

The Continuing Story of a Song

This month's prompt: The Continuing Story of a Song

Greg opened the planked, wooden door and the music's volume assaulted him, smoke slapping his face, leaving behind a film which burned, causing his eyes to spring tears. He pushed away another onslaught of toxic fumes and came upon a clearing, as if the smoke consciously crept away from center stage to reveal the scene before him. The place was packed, women in cheap, tight clothing and four inch heels, men on either side of the voluptuous blobs, grinding against them and grabbing at various body parts.

The brochure had been left on the coffee table, Greg's mind flashed an image of the hotel. He had picked it up on their way out the room. In scribbled ink on the backside of the pamphlet, "Club Ecstasy, come tonight. You ain't seen nothing yet -- Spanky."

Greg leaned in toward the man at the bar, "Bourban and coke."

Minutes later, the bartender returned, wiped the area down with a wet rag and placed the drink in front of Greg.

"Spanky here?" Greg sounded casual, much like an old friend, despite the fact he was the only white dude in the place, aside from the thin and pastey looking bartender with a beak for a nose. The toucan immediately veered his head toward a side table and lifted his chin, giving a direction to follow.

The table was packed. With every step forward, people moved aside, making room. Bodies shifted back and forth, revealing the large man sitting at a round table, shoulders spanned across a broad chest, black curly hairs peeking out from a red silk shirt held in place by a crisp, white suit. The man smiled wide, his teeth gleaming in contrast to his ebony skin. His eyes looked to be large brown circles, half hidden by the brim of a white, fedora hat. He removed his hand from the woman's breast and she gave an indifferent look toward Greg.

Greg stopped at the edge of the table, downed the bourban and coke and placed the empty glass next to an ashtray, home to a lit Gurkha Black Dragon cigar.

"Are you Spanky?"

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  1. Love how this is going. Even the cops have a darkness to them.
    The music choice was great for the club scene.
    Well done.

  2. Thanks long! This has been fun to follow and then to finally participate by adding my part. I love the way it is going as well. This is new for me and I'm so glad that I joined. :)

  3. Love the direction this takes the story.

  4. The plot thickens!

    *busts a move*

  5. I love the club scene and song choice. It added a new dimension to the story.

  6. Thank you! I picked the song from a shuffle. It was still fun! :D

  7. An interesting and very distinct twist. Nice.

  8. Our second scrawled note of the chain so far! What, I wonder, is Greg looking for? He seemed by far the most conventional character last entry.

  9. I agree! I think the "Continuing Story of a Song" might very well become the "Continuing Story of the Unknown Protagonist" but it's okay by me. :)

    I love the music and different twists, but I'm missing the completeness feel of a full circle story, too.

    It's fun though!


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