28 July 2011

5 Dos & Don'ts in a Long Term Marriage

I've been thinking about my husband a lot these days. I'm really proud of the fact that we've been married over 24 years now. Which led me to feeling like I need to share the secret of my success. So, here are my 5 dos and don'ts in a long term marriage for you to consider. They may lead to your own successful, long-term marriage.

1. Don't get offended if the only words you ever hear from him are "So, you wanna DO it tonight?" He's been married to you for 25 years already; he shouldn't have to work on his charm anymore.

2. Do drop everything that you are doing, no matter how important, when he suddenly asks for your help in fixing something he broke or finding something he lost.

3. Don't nag him about your time when he stops to compare prices in the grocery store. I don't care that you make six figures per year. You should thank him for the penny savings that he made because he carefully read the labels and performed the math.

4. Do promptly make the decision as to which restaurant you choose for your dining pleasure when asked. He will override this decision later on, so make sure your heart isn't set on what you originally decide.

5. Don't forget to praise him for helping out around the house. It's not enough that you fix the bed every morning, clean the dishes noon and night, vacuum, dust, work a full-time job, breed and raise confident, well-adjusted children and with a heavy heart, turn them loose to be productive members of society. After all, what's it gonna hurt for you to take a few seconds of your time to show some appreciation?


  1. Who is this woman?

    I would like to share my comments and the replys I get to these actions and questions.

    1. The answer is "NO, I need my space."

    2. If I can interrupt you from the computer? This is often another "NO."

    3. This is why my wife stays in the car reading Facebook and posting comments while I do the shopping.

    4. I don't get an answer. That is why I want to open a restaurant and name it "I don't know" and "I don't care."

    5. Our house has two rooms that get vacuumed. The master bedroom and her computer paradise. Our kids are grown so there are few dishes. But we can talk about the pets (3) dogs, the lawn work, the kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and the shed being built in the back yard. Not to mention pool maintenance, grocery shopping and the saltwater tank maintenance. Hmmm, I'm probably leaving out several things.

    But, you are still my one and only love :-)

  2. I like your husbands rebuttal. Congratulations on 24 years of marriage!

  3. Deb, thanks!

    My husband said he likes your comment supporting his rebuttal! :D

  4. Hilarious. I think I will try following #4 from now on - or start eating at your husband's restaurants "I don't know" and "I don't care."

  5. I don't like cuban food, Jennifer. But he loves it, so I think next time I'm going to request cuban and see if he overrides that one. Reverse psychology! :D


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