14 July 2012

Independence and Slavery Blog Chain

The July2012 Blog Chain theme at Absolute Write is Independence and Slavery. I hope you enjoy!

Young Fursious felt his calling to be of greatness and might. He found his heart called into the service of Lord Belphegore, God of Battle, Rage and Fire.

He approached with vigor and arrogance. He fought hard and he was dutiful in his worship to the Lord. But, his loyalty to the faith was not enough for he often found himself faced with failure. This was too much for young Fursious and so he sank into deep depression, turning his back to the Lord. He sought the comfort of complacency and peace so that he might nurture his wounded soul.

Lord Belphegore cast down his fury onto this mortal and demanded that he look deep inside and find his spark to fight these demons who weakened his mind and destroyed his hopes. Sorrow and self-pity were not welcome in Lord Belphegore’s church.

Fursious drew inspiration from Lord Belphegore and found his path once again. He learned fast and discovered his inner strength. 

Sorrow, oh sweet sorrow for myself has been my prison and the shackles of my soul. I will not let it stand in the way of serving my Lord. I shall prove to be worthy. I will unleash the fury that shall set me free from this bondage of self-doubt. I will fight again.

Lord Belphegore welcomed this mortal back into His church, proud as any God would be.

In response, Fursious cried out, “I will not be oppressed by my sorrows!"

And with that goal in mind, Fursious set out to rise above and prove that he can strive and be on top.

Fursious fought honorably, he fought with conviction, and he stayed true to all the ethical standards that were ingrained within his heart and taught from his youth. He fought with all the fury that burned in his soul, and the confidence in knowing that his life was not for nothing.

In the end, he did not have the riches that he’d sought as a young man. But on his death bed, he felt his heart swell. He was finally happy. Tears, not of sorrow, but of glory, flowed down his cheeks.

He had won the battle, for beside his bed were all those he inspired in life and the numbers were great and more than he'd ever imagined.

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