24 March 2012

Creating Character Emotions - Desire

From Dictionary.com - desire   [dih-zahyuhr]  

1. to wish or long for; crave; want.
2. to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request.

A Man's Love

The girl's legs were long and tan. Her skin glowed from the contrast of her orange neon bikini. Her laugh was audible above the crashing waves and when the man lifted her into the air and away from the foamy water encroaching onto the sand, she squealed with delight and the wind gently passed it along to the squawking sea gull hovering above.

They would be married, the girl and the man. He would adore her and she would idolize him. Her tan legs would spread one day to accept him and then they would spread again when she birthed their first child.

She would bounce their toddler in her lap and her husband would proudly snap photos of them both, laughing and carrying on. A love to be had by a fortunate few.

"It's time to change the bandages, Katie." A girl’s mother walks over to the window and closes the curtain, but not before seeing the lovely couple below, frolicking on the beach.

"Who will ever want me, mom?"

A mother kneels beside the wheelchair and embraces her double amputee daughter. "A great man, Katie. You're going to find a really great man."

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