18 January 2012

Modern Day Truism - Hare vs. Tortoise

by Diane Carlisle

My first homework assignment for Reading Fiction was to pick a truism and write a scene. This was harder than I expected, but what I came up with was something I'd never consider writing. Weird, but I wanted to share it because I never considered touching upon techno holistic or semi mythological ideas. If this scene reflects that, it wasn't meant to. This is out of left field with some of my geekiness to go along with it.

Truth Behind The Dinosaur

"Father assigned me control of the Southern District of Baahl."

"Congratulations." Sabran eyed his brother and gave a slight smile. "What miracle did you perform for that honor?"

Grish placed a finger on the global grid of the universe and enlarged the holistic map. "I closed the black hole on G6." He crossed his arms about his chest and studied the map with pride.

Sabran shook his head in disgust, "You risked the lives of 2 million mortals and the destruction of several eco-systems in the western hemisphere of Cantura."

"You would have me consider the alternative of spending several years analyzing the risks before making a decision." Grish scoffed at his brother.

Sabran shrugged, "In University, we were taught to think before we act. In that way, we make worlds that are sustainable."

Grish laughed and put an arm around his younger brother. "I didn't have the luxury of an education at the notorious Demigod University. But here's a lesson from me to you. If you mess up, just start over and make a new world, a better one."

"I don't make worlds. I make systems."

"Grish, Sabran! In my chambers, now."

The brothers knelt in unison before their father.

"The earth has gone off course and has become unbalanced. I want you both to work together to resolve this. Sabran, I understand earth is within your domain, but I want Grish to take the lead on this project as we must move swiftly."

Standing before the holistic map, Grish enlarged the earth and displayed it's resources. "What do you think about the bodies of water encroaching on the eastern banks of Asia?"

"I would create a fault on the ocean bed of the Caribbean Seas. Over time, the land masses will shift and the waters will level out."

"That will take 3.5 million years. In those years, how many earthquakes and tsunamis do you think will effect change?"

"It is the most practical way. Natural disasters bring mankind together. That is what keeps earth from total destruction."

"No. I say we extract five million tons of water from the Pacific shores off the coast of Bangkok. That will place the sea level in the right place."

Sabran sighed, "We can agree to disagree, but you will be affecting a major source of food for the Asians. King mackerel is in season at the moment."

Grish nodded, "Mankind is resilient. They will overcome."

"That's what you said of the dinosaurs when father put you in charge of that project."

Does the title of this post reflect what's in my story? Leave me a comment! :)

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