07 September 2016

Hurricane Hermine Aftermath

There are five things I'd like to share in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine, because these days off from work bored me to tears and now I have the writing bug again. Here's to another Labor Day weekend disaster!

1. Hurricane Damage

I'm sure everyone in the Blogosphere has heard about Hurricane Hermine. It made landfall southeast of Tallahassee last Thursday and reached wind gusts of up to 64 mph in my neighborhood. Here are some photos to show the extent of the damage.

This is the main road heading to my subdivision

Power lines down!! Lost power in 80% of Tallahassee

Buck Lake Road

My back yard, not too bad.

Think I might need a new canopy...

This tree was uprooted. Had to secure it.

2. Jeep Shopping

A couple days after the hurricane, I visited a used car lot to look at a 2006 Jeep Wrangler (black). It wouldn't start without a battery jump, and touch-up paint dotted every 6 inches of the body. Sure, the vehicle was 10 years old. But, if you have that many spots to "touch up", put the damned Jeep in a body shop and get a real paint job.

"I'm thinking I'll paint it pink and get a zombie decal on the side."

"I won't ride in it if you do that." Charles shut that down quicker than Elly May Clampett could hog-tie a wild boar!

Okay, fine. I'll get a Barbie decal instead.

3. The Doggie Door Incident

The two bigger dogs figured out how to use the doggie door. But, my 4-pound Yorkie (Biscuit) didn't want to bump her delicate nose against the plastic flap to let herself in. Then one day, she managed to climb her way inside when we weren't looking. She did this several times, but only when nobody was around to witness it. I finally captured the mystery on video this weekend.

4. Candy Crush and Lasagna

During the power outage in Tallahassee, I was in Thomasville, GA playing Candy Crush while my boyfriend worked all day. It is the quickest way to get my OCD fix. Only it wasn't a fix because I quit the game early. I got frustrated. I couldn't beat level 158, so I reverted back to level 112. I couldn't manage to beat that level either. So, I made a lasagna. I recommend the Barilla Oven Ready brand, because you don't have to boil the noodles. Go figure...

Got bored with Snapchat

With the lasagna done, there wasn't a whole lot left to do. I spent most of Saturday at my boyfriend's house. This is me when I get bored. Snapchat is the most entertaining app when you have nothing else to do.

That's all I have to share for now. What was your Labor Day weekend like? Share in the comments!

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