02 August 2016

My Daughter in Thailand - Part III

Here they are. More pictures to share with you all. 

Chelsey is finally back at work and earning a paycheck, but as promised, I'm sharing the last of the photos from Thailand. Here's Part III from her Loop Abroad trip. I'll link Part I and Part II in case you missed them!

Some more touristy stuff for you. These two and the next two photos were taken in Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai. 

The one below is referred to as the Golden Spire. The real temple exists in Bangkok, but I'm not sure why. I'll need to do some research on that!

Here's Chelsey looking all thuggish and tatted up. Yantra tattoos are believed to be magical and they bestow mystical powers, protection, and good luck on to the bearer. The three main effects of a Yantra tattoo: to make the bearer more eloquent, to ward off evil and hardship, and to invoke fear in everyone around the bearer. The tattoo only confers its powers so long as the bearer observes certain rules and taboos, such as abstaining from a certain type of food. If that food happens to be cheeseburgers, then it wore off when she child stepped back onto US soil. 

In the voice of a thug, "PEACE!!"

There's no way you would guess what this is, no way! Seriously, give it a try. Um, Ruffles? Doritos? Gee, I'm so confused. Okay, so everything is written in this foreign language, but if you look closely, you'll discover that this company wants the consumer to know that it is the "original flavor". 

The gang is all here!

The girls get therapeutic massages after a long day working with big animals.

This looks like a rice field to me, but I could be wrong. It's beautiful either way, even though the water looks a bit murky.

Chelsey and her roommates hanging out and being lazy. And she said they were roughing it in Thailand. 

I received a lot of videos of the elephants, but I didn't know how to save the Snapchat videos to my phone. Here are the majority of the elephant pictures Chelsey sent via Snapchat.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you've enjoyed a taste of Thailand. Thanks to the Loop Abroad folks for keeping my daughter safe and making sure that she had a productive experience.

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