11 September 2015

Memorial to the Victims of Terrorist Attacks

I remember the day when the planes crashed into the twin towers. I was at an IBM conference in Orlando, away from family and friends. The conference leaders dismissed sessions in order for the attendees to watch as networks covered the horrific events.

I can't tell you how small I felt watching the footage unfold on wide-screens in the lobby of that hotel. I wanted to hold my husband and my children. I needed to comprehend how the most powerful country in the world could be experiencing such a mind blowing phenomenon such as the picture spiraling out of control before my eyes.

And then I wept.

I had nobody to hold me that night and nothing to look forward to, just the knowledge I had yet another session to attend in the morning. It was a long night.

I woke the next morning to complimentary bagels and cream cheese, a selection of fruit, and a choice between coffee or tea. I picked coffee.

I wonder today how different my life was at that moment than any number of the folks who jumped from windows of the twin towers to avoid the painful death of burning as opposed to sudden impact.


The next time you make one, remember those who lost their lives on that day. At least you have another day for choices.

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