02 April 2014

My Lunch Date with Zaxby's Chicken

Just a quick journal-like note for my friends out there in the blogosphere. Today is a sad day…

It's my half day, so I'm off at 12:30 this afternoon. My husband promised to have lunch with his workout buddies so they're all going to goat balls, which is a nickname I made up for this Greek restaurant they all love and I hate.

Anyway, so I have no friends today. My only option is to grab something on the way home, so I pick up a plate of 5 chicken fingers from Zaxby's. I figure these will go well with the rice Tim made the other day, so I pass on the fries, "Just the fingers, thanks," I answer back at the intercom.

When I arrive home, to my dismay, what little rice is left in the rice cooker is hardened and inedible. So, now I'm left with chicken fingers and nothing else. I contemplate making tomato soup, but I'm too lazy.

I dunk the fingers in Zaxby sauce and Ranch dressing and wolf them down. With some food in my tummy, I figure I will get a good start on the afternoon with a great blog entry for you all. And then it happens.

The voices in my head stop talking. I have nothing to say, therefore nothing to write about. All I can think about is the fact I had nothing to eat but Zaxby's chicken and I'm all alone [insert favorite sad face here]. So I figure, maybe I could share my lunch with you! Here's to having great company.

So, what did YOU have for lunch today?

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