21 February 2013

The Inspiring Blogger Award

Eve Gaal at The Desert Rocks has nominated me for an award I'd not received yet, so let me just say THANK YOU!!

Also, thanks to Ms. Charity at This Is Life ~ by Charity Pence for nominating me for another Liebster Award. It's a different graphic too, so it's going on my award board.

I’m supposed to start by mentioning seven things—hopefully inspiring things—about myself. Then I must nominate other bloggers, link to them, and make notification. So here it is, and here I go:

7 Things About Me, The Writer

What got me into writing fiction? I played a text-based role-playing game called Threshold. If you sign up to play, please indicate that Pyrosama referred you. How does one go from gamer to fiction writer? There are 10 Milestones.

The first article I'd ever been paid for was less than 500 words.  Go figure, it’s about a game, Legend of Kyrandia. Find it here.

Two years ago, I joined the Tallahassee Writers Association and the Florida Writers Association. Both have secured me a network of like-minded people who share my passion for writing, and who are dedicated in helping others with learning the craft by sharing their experiences and valuable resources.

Last year, I became TWA's Electronic Newsletter Editor. I am ecstatic to serve in such a prestigious role and I would never have had the opportunity had I not put myself out there and volunteered to do the very things I'm passionate about, writing and collaborating in order to produce a product. How much more happiness can I ask for?

I've had a combined download count of 302 for my short stories, Snow Leopard (142) and Lethal Injection, The Seed (160). That means people are reading, I hope!

I made it to chapter 8 of my WIP, Precinct 9. There's a first. I never made it through chapter 5 in my previous attempts.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I want to say, "I write."

Why? Because that's what makes me feel alive. Forget that it doesn't pay the bills.

~ ~ ~

The reason for the award is inspiration, so here are the authors and/or bloggers who have inspired me and the reasons why. There are many more, but they have the award already! I looked for a smiley to put here, but I couldn't find one, so just imagine I put it right here, or about 20 words ago.

L. T. Dalin  for her word counts. They remind me to write, even if I don't feel like it.

Auden, Dark Treasury   for her dark fantasy fiction topics. A kindred soul.

J.W. Alden   for the deep thoughts that always get me thinking - NO, they won't stop...must stop...thinking!

Randi, The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel   for always creating the topics I love to talk about. Almost always about writing, which is definitely my inspiration to, you know, write!

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