09 June 2012

Combat The Roaches - World at War

It’s time for June's Absolute Write monthly blog chain. The theme is “Weird Worlds” and so I give you a creative non-fiction piece dedicated to one of the longest living species in our modern day world. I introduce this piece for the weird worlds theme.

World at War - Cockroaches 

Roaches are fascinating creatures, not only because they've lived for billions of years, but because they have perfected the process of infestation. They invade the sanctity of your home with their filth, seeking water sources and leeching food from any crack or crevice they can find. The only purpose they serve is to multiply their army in order to fuel their survival in your space, the same space where you bathe, eat, and sleep.

Their presence destroys all comforts you enjoy in your home. They are worse than your in-laws. Extended family will eventually leave, but these creatures will grow their colony and destroy you and your peace of mind.

They crawl around in their protective gear while infecting the surfaces of your appliances and countertops with their disease causing dander. Forget that you spend countless hours cleaning and disinfecting your home. They scurry about in the dark, undetected, so they may flourish in numbers.

They leave their droppings behind as if to alert their comrades of the paths to food and water once the lights go out. Leave it to these lower forms of life to find those intricate areas key to their survival.

They lurk behind appliances, antennae whisking about as if sniffing the air for signs of sustenance. Not only have they invaded your home, when you turn on the lights to confront them, they quickly gather their comrades, small and large, and flee to their bunkers deep within your walls. You don’t feel safe anymore. Your security has been breached by this uncanny assault.

You don't want to destroy your home, so the weapons of choice are roach mines. You leave them in various locations close to areas where you suspect they have taken cover. When the lights go out, the greedy crawlers will seek out these disguised sources of food. They are unaware it is actually poison… the dumbasses. Intellect isn't what's kept them flourishing for many years.

Soon you start to feel safe again because you stop seeing them. You get this feeling you beat them...you won. The army shrinks quickly because roaches are cannibals that eat their own dead, even poisoned ones. The poison remains in the carcasses so then the cannibalism creates this domino effect and they die off by the hundreds.

Two months later, after no more sightings, you walk into your pristine kitchen in search of some fresh fruit and a glass of milk. From your peripheral view, a quick movement on your countertop reveals the emergence of one of their beady-eyed scouts. This makes you want to spoon-feed it some liquid poison and wait five minutes until it twitches its way onto its back, fluttering its legs about in a desperate attempt to expel the poison from its body.

Now you must destroy your home. You haven't won at all. Time to break out the weapons of mass destruction…the roach bombs. Get ready to obliterate the enemy, but be equally prepared to leave your home for hours while the lethal chemicals dissipate.

Later, you will discover every inch of your home covered in a film of noxious residue which needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Then you wonder how many days you will wait to do it all over again because of the roach eggs left behind…they will eventually hatch and grow yet another army.

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